Vastu Shastra: Fact or Fake?

Vastu Shastra: Fact or Fake?

2022-02-15 16:52:08

“Let vastu not control your life but free you; do not follow it blindly but scientifically”

-Neha Jain

Many times I come across this question, is Vastu real? Does it really work?

What occult science hold for us, the potential it has in bringing some positive change in our lives is slightly misinterpreted and mispresented, that is why the belief in these areas has been questioned upon.

Anything that is scientific is explainable. Vastu Shastra is a very ancient science and quite of it is ever lost, many versions and theories are being practiced and what we have today is an amalgamation of these different theories as derived from the ancient scriptures.

Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture, the arrangement of space in such a way so as to harness maximum benefit from Mother Nature. We all know light and air are crucial elements for survival. Based on the movement of the sun different directions receive a different degree of sunlight and that’s why the directions are classified into the hot and cold zone; similarly, movement of wind helps with ventilation designs.

Vastu principally deals with eight directions and on the basis of their characteristic property and element (air, water, fire, earth, and space), a structure is designed and spaces allocated for different residential and commercial activities.

It is important to understand that we are under constant interaction with the universal cosmic energies, there is electromagnetic radiation all around and a continuous interplay of energies is happening around. These energies contribute a lot in dictating our mental, physical, spiritual and behavioral order which is directly related to the prosperity in our lives in terms of professional satisfaction, relationships, health, and happiness.

With the incorporation of Vastu principles, we can create a space that is in harmony with nature and natural energies, where energies are balanced and all elements are present adequately around.

Various institutes are studying and doing research in this field, trying to come up with more and more scientific explanations. There are various scriptures that explain the scientific basis of Vastu. It is important to understand the underlying principle of any occult science that we practice or intend to inculcate in our lives.

Even though destiny cannot be controlled but present karmas could be. Creating a positive environment around affect our karma’s positively and thus help in shaping a better and prosperous future.

Vastu has been misinterpreted, projected in false ways and thus its potential has been underrated and debated upon; being a Vastu consultant I feel it’s my responsibility to make people aware of the power of Vastu in a scientific way, through success and failure cannot be attributed solely to Vastu it is factual and can definitely help us live a better life!


– Neha Jain- Vastu Consultant

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